Installation & Delivery

In Tiffany Lighting, we have a very qualified technician team who offer to install any light fixture bought from our customers.  We also offer to deliver any order purchased by the customer in the major regions.  Our Installation and Delivery service is available from all our showrooms.


Lighting Consultation

Through our Lighting Engineers , we offer on-site consultation for the lighting plan of the any apartment, villa, office, or project. All Consultation services are requested from our main showroom in Heliopolis, Cairo.

Spare Parts Availability

In case any customer needs any kind of spare parts or spare glass, we can guarantee the availability of all kinds of spare parts and spare glass at anytime. Therefore the customer will never face any problem in the lighting fixtures bought from Tiffany Lighting

Life Time Maintenance

After Sales Service is our highest priority in Tiffany Lighting. We offer our customers Life Time Maintenance on any product bought from Tiffany Lighting. Therefore, if a customer faces a problem with a Tiffany Lighting product even after 10 years or more, we will be more than happy to fix the problem as soon as possible.